After a seemingly never ending trip from Madrid to Lahore with stops in Doha and Karachi, we made it to a new dimension: ShaziHome…almost 24 hours after departure. We received a super warm welcome and first class accomodation at our cousin´s comfy home in the fancy Defence District of the city.
I noticed how the dresscode changed as we travelled East, tight jeans and mini skirts disappeared in favour of looser clothing and head scarves appeared both on men and women. I saw my first Arab men at Doha airport with their impeccable white tunics and head dress, I wondered what detergent they use over there as I tried to sleep in one of the Quiet Rooms at the airport. Spirituality has not been lost in these parts and there were separate Prayer Rooms for Ladies and Gents available at the airport too. It´s pretty close to Eid ul Adha, one of the biggest festivities in the Islamic Calender, so people are in a more religious mode than usual, and there are plenty of pilgrims on their way to Mecca (this is called Haj). Was amused to see a couple of lady pilgrims, dressed in white, with propaganda for their Haj Travel Agents pinned to their head scarf…didn´t think advertising mixed with Spirituality!<br>

Baba outside Shazi Home
Anyways, now in Lahore, where my father was born, we are meeting all sorts of Aunts, cousins and assorted family whom we´ve only heard about until now. Communication is minimalistic, but we manage.