Wow! we´ve been out + about the city in Shazi´s big, comfy lexus, with driver and all….but man, people drive crazy here…more like bumper cars than anything else! Less beeping of the horn than in India but there´s still an amazing array of complex melodies as they run with great velocity up and down the pentatonic and whole-tone scales, or through intricate Oriental flurries. Quite chaotic. I´ve seen children clinging five to a Vespa, their dads weaving desperately between knife sellers and kebab wallahs, dodging donkeys and low-hanging arches. Funny how the more people you see on a small vehicle, the less developed the country: in Nicaragua it was pretty normal to see whole families on a bicycle, here they´re all on a motorbike “PAK Hero” model, and the ladies always sit with both legs on the same side. In the States, however, the most common site is huge SUVs with only one person inside. When I explain the concept of the carpool lane over here people look bemused.
I do love the way they decorate all vehicles, trucks are the most ornate, but even richshaws get tuned up.

Colourful PAK traffic
Daud has been getting the hang of the local driving style and is mastering the technique quite well.