Yes, as we suspected, tea is drunk all times of day. The black and green varieties seem to be the most popular. Often taken very milky and always quite sweet…We have discovered green tea is usually taken after dinner with a pinch of salt as an aid to digestion. Personally I prefer “cava” or herbal tea with no caffeine…our Pakistani counterparts find this pretty amusing. Nonetheless my Yogi Tea recipe is gaining popularity (cardamom, ginger, clove and cinamon boiled down to half the original amount of water.)
As guests of honour we are always being offered food and drinks, Pakistani hospitality is truly First Class. Offering drinks, food and a place to sit are equal to being nice, and people are always being nice to us. The funniest example of this took place in Karachi when Aisha picked us up from the beach one evening, as soon as we sat down in the car she entered hostess mode and asked: “Do you want tea or coffee? We laughed, did she really have a mobile supply of chai?

Sabina drinking tea in Muree