Been back a couple of weeks now, been working_have been productive. But have noticed a certain touch of Pakistaniness in my prioritization of tasks to carry out. Before christmas I was all about studying Dave Allen´s method for Getting Things Done and making it all happen. Post Pakistan, however, I´ve been pretty mellow, what´s the rush. The concept of time seemed totally different on the subcontinent, people will easily dedicate their days to you without batting an eyelid. Something Northern Californian David Allen can´t do without consulting the to-do lists on his Blackberry first and giving you an appointment for the following week. I´ve given myself the privilege to let The Journey to the Roots sink in, and now I can get back to action.
Not a Dream is screening in Barcelona in a couple of weeks, so I´m going to get my lokaTV marketing hat on in time for that.